2012 11 – Lissabon – Thanks!

Dieses Mal, aus Dankbarkeit, für meinen Gastgeber alles auf Englisch, damit er auch endlich mal was von meinen Einträgen lesen kann…

Snowy Vienna in October? Sudden coldness? Time to leave! My studies went to an end and since I’ve just had to wait for my final exam I booked a trip to finally visit my dear friend Carlos in Lisbon. (He already invites me since my first time in Odessa!)

Unusually as the whole post I like to start with my résumé and a big, great THANK YOU! I had a great time spending ten-day in Lisbon, sometimes exploring alone, sometimes together with my friend. All the trips to Odessa or Sankt Petersburg were somehow similar but this time I met a whole new culture, realized that I’ve never even heard Portuguese before and would describe it as mix of Spanish words pronounced in a sometimes French or slawic way (mainly Polish). I not only once had the feeling of understanding something in Russian, only to realize soon afterwards it was Portuguese and nothing I could know. 🙂

Since my host is a big fan of films, we watched a movie nearly every evening. Sometimes something a little bit odd (like the Chinese film Detective Dee), sometimes a great Anime from Hayao Miyazaki which I enjoyed watching, by borrowing (for any not-Austrians: lending) some DVDs from a friend.

Great Food

On weekends Carlos showed me many things (going by car) and interesting places and in the evenings we had either very good Portuguese food (from something like a cantina) or we were eating in a restaurant. I never thought that fish could be cooked in such delicious ways, but the codfish tasted very good in nearly every variant. I would say that the Portuguese kitchen is great (a little bit fatty but great) and I’ll try to find a restaurant in Vienna! We also managed to eat at some Indian restaurants, which were good, but not able to hold a candle to my beloved Viennese Samrat!

Great Views

I enjoyed my walks (and also two runs along the river) in different districts of the city, even though my feet were a little bit annoyed – of the many slopes – in the evenings. As usual I preferred walking, to get a feeling of the city, but as soon as I used the metro for the first time I was excited about it. It’s like in Vienna, the veins of the city, and living next to a traffic junction, I had all the freedom of going wherever I want! I also had 3 trips outside of the city but you’ll read about them soon…

Only a handful of sunshine

Unfortunately the sun just visited once in a while and I had some days, colder than in Vienna. This was a little weird, because I left for warmth and sunshine. Anyways, the fog opened some nice views and photographical opportunities, so one has to search for luck in every condition 😉 You’ll see…

One more thing to mention was the nice view in the mornings with my pumpkin-jam bread and fresh orange juice…

Films I’ve watched:

Layer Cake, Detective Dee, Corpse Bride, Howl’s moving Castle, Spirited Away, Russian animation films (A. Petrov), Princess Mononoke

More on Lissabon 2012:

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