2012 11 – Lissabon – Trip to Sintra

Everybody told me to visit Sintra and so I did on my seventh day. The weather was… crap: rainy and misty. My faces‘ skin just felt like bursting but I took a long road with some hiking elements to the castle. What I saw there was even more fog…

I was just impressed of the view (not the invisible landscape)! A haunted castle with a bewitched forest around, in the middle of a white nowhere, what a motif! After that I wanted to have a Snack in the Palace, since I was already freezingly starving…

It was a very good meal with two desserts :), what should I say? A long walk makes you hungry! Even the hot an warming chocolate from the vending machine was delicious (also because I was deep-frozen and wet to my underpants). Since it was getting darker and my map was so wet, I feared of getting lost and never find the way out of the big park, I left too soon. I definitely have to visit this place earlier and with sunny and warm weather!

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