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2016 0618-0625 – Lissabon – take two

Ein wirklicher Last-Minute Urlaub, ein knappes Monat vorher Hotel und Flug aus einer spontanen Laune heraus gebucht. Lang ist es her, dass ich das letzte Mal hier war und doch hat sich manches geändert und manches nicht

Abgestiegen sind wir im House Sao Bento, einer Haus-Etage mit verbundenen Wohnungen, wo wir ein freundliches, helles Zimmer mit Gemeinschaftsdusche/WC, -balkon und Küche hatten. Die Lage war nicht so schlecht, gehen musste man allerdings immer wieder zumindest 15 Minuten. Bairro Alto war mit kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten nicht weit weg aber auch in der näheren Umgebung holten wir uns bei einer Kantine ausgezeichnetes Essen um wenig Geld, bzw. hatten wir das ein oder andere gute Frühstück.

Damals im November herrschte ein sehr gemäßigtes Klima vor, mit angenehmen Spätsommertemperaruren. diesmal allerdings beehrte uns die Sonne und vor allem nach 15:00 war es am Strand brutal. Da ich diesmal nicht alleine unterwegs war, musste Google Maps mit offline Karte und GPS für mehr Zielstrebigkeit sorgen, da wir nicht einfach so durch die Stadt geschlendert sind. Neben einem Besuch in Sintra spazierten wir von unterschiedlichen Startpunkten die Strände Richtung Cascais entlang, statteten dem Boca do Inferno einen Besuch ab und wagten uns auch auf den kilometerlangen Strand auf der anderen Seite (Costa da Caparica, eine Weltreise!), wo wir mit einer Liliputbahn zurückgefahren sind.

Mittlerweile wurde das Roaming abgeschafft aber als wir da waren konnten wir sehr viele free-WiFi Spots für maps und mehr nutzen. Was die Öffis betrifft habe ich diesmal nicht gefunden, was ich letztes Mal zufällig richtig gemacht habe (die Karte mit Geld statt Fahrten aufzuladen) und deshalb sind wir mit drei (Bus/Bahn/Fähre/Metro) verschiedenen Karten nachhause gefahren auf denen noch der ein oder andere kleine Betrag steht. Die Unflexibilität der Verkehrsbetriebe, dies in Guthaben umzuwandeln und auf einer Karte zu deponieren war gleichermaßen erstaunlich wie überraschend und natürlich ärgerlich! Für’s nächste Mal gilt: Guthaben aufladen und einfach fahren.

Lissabon selbst haben wir natürlich auch zahlreiche Tage lang erkundet, wobei leider nahezu alle interessanten Museen und dergleichen geschlossen waren oder bescheidene Öffnungszeiten zu bieten hatten. Einige Pastels mussten bei unseren Erkundungen dran glauben und so richtig bewusst habe ich die Pflastersteine, die wirklich überall (vor allem auf den Gehsteig) liegen nicht wahrgenommen…

2012 11 – Lissabon – Trip to Cascais

Cascais (Kashkaish; Кашкаишь) is a small town, a suburb of Lisbon, just some ten miniutes away. And a place where I could imagine buying a flat or house. 😀 Very nice houses, beaches and the sea! I don’t know what to add…

I was there twice, at first in company on the first (real) day (by car) and again on the last one (by train). Going by train is marginally more expansive than using the metro (1,8€) but independent of the track and the duration of the journey (at least to Sintra or Cascais). I did some stupid (with full camera gear+tripod) rock climbing across the coast with taking a picture here and there. Even though it was a little bit dangerous, I enjoyed it very much and not only one time paused to sit down listening and watching the sea and let my mind trail of…

Should have had gone some more time visiting the sea, breathing the salty wind and watching the waves, big ships,… The ocean is freedom!

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2012 11 – Lissabon – Trip to Sintra

Everybody told me to visit Sintra and so I did on my seventh day. The weather was… crap: rainy and misty. My faces‘ skin just felt like bursting but I took a long road with some hiking elements to the castle. What I saw there was even more fog…

I was just impressed of the view (not the invisible landscape)! A haunted castle with a bewitched forest around, in the middle of a white nowhere, what a motif! After that I wanted to have a Snack in the Palace, since I was already freezingly starving…

It was a very good meal with two desserts :), what should I say? A long walk makes you hungry! Even the hot an warming chocolate from the vending machine was delicious (also because I was deep-frozen and wet to my underpants). Since it was getting darker and my map was so wet, I feared of getting lost and never find the way out of the big park, I left too soon. I definitely have to visit this place earlier and with sunny and warm weather!

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2012 11 – Lissabon – Small trips

In between of strolling through the town I – sometimes we – did some small excursions. He showed me the Expo area, while telling me a little bit about the exhibits and travelling by cable car across the place. Or a cloister as well as the landside across the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. On another day I was in a botanical garden or climbed up the Lisbon castle…

Since the film festival was in town, we went to three movies: Argo (great film), Beasts of the Wild (interesting and lovely) and Winter go away (a well made documentation of Russia; in Russian, which was a little bit of a challange, even with english subtitles)

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2012 11 – Lissabon – Watching the sun set

After keeping track of the sun movement, I decided that the sunset should be more interesting than it’s rising and also thought that the bridge could look great in the night. And I was right…

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2012 11 – Lissabon – Lisbon through my lens

It all started with forgetting my passport at home, because I spontaneously decided to visit an important person in the AKH (hospital). Funnily the flight was late (as I was informed at the baggage drop), so no need to hurry. This made me unnecessarily nervous of my connection to Lisbon. (The connection was the very same gate, plane and crew) In Lisbon I was picked up by Carlos, my colleague from Odessa

The houses are rather small and I noticed that there is only little advertisements all over the city, which was somehow relaxing. Unfortunately time took it’s tribute in dilapidation, which sometimes was at least as bad as in Odessa. Of course the overall architecture and decoration is way different. There was Vegetation that I haven’t seen for ages – which had a great effect on my well-being; and after a while I just thought in English, because talking to my friend all the time and not having any other language…


As I set foot into a metro station for the first time, I realized an incisive smell of oil and hot iron that somehow took my breath away and left me coughing like hell. But this effect just was gone after first contact and after some more visits, I even didn’t realize the smell anymore later. As I already mentioned, the metro is great, not very cheap (1,15 € for entering the underground system) but affordable with a nice chip card system. The rather wide stations and trains are very clean, and I had a feeling of comfort and security (not as in Sankt Petersburg; where even non-claustrophobic could feel a little bit weird of being near the earth core ;)).

Culinary street-art

I had the best beef of my life (marinated just with garlic, salt and pepper) put into a sandwich at a diner in the docks. The cabbage and bean soup there was also delicious. Some great snacks from different Pastelarias (Samosa, Pastel de Nata, codfish snack,…) as well as national dishes like Bacalhau à Brás and various pies also took my gustatory sense to the next level.

Strange Momentum

As I – not being a typical tourist – somehow realized on the sixth day that something’s wrong, I got a little depression. The city is great, the food and company even better, only the weather was not comparable (with exceptions). A strange feeling of boredom was growing in me, still not haven’t seen everything I just needed a break maybe. I had the feeling of being at home, with all that reading in the evening (and going to bed rather early) or watching a dvd, having dinner together… Just it didn’t felt right, I was there but somehow not, a feeling of looking through haze, it’s normal life but somehow not. Looks like another cultural shock to me or just an action vacuum. I stressed myself, because the time was running out, but somehow everything in me just wanted to relax, which I till then didn’t realize. Suddenly I asked myself, what did you do in Odessa? in Sankt Petersburg? Just go, sit in a café or just at the riverside and do nothing but let your mind go! Do what you want (as in Copenhagen, go home and read a book if you feel like), you won’t miss anything! It helped!…

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2012 11 – Lissabon – Thanks!

Dieses Mal, aus Dankbarkeit, für meinen Gastgeber alles auf Englisch, damit er auch endlich mal was von meinen Einträgen lesen kann…

Snowy Vienna in October? Sudden coldness? Time to leave! My studies went to an end and since I’ve just had to wait for my final exam I booked a trip to finally visit my dear friend Carlos in Lisbon. (He already invites me since my first time in Odessa!)

Unusually as the whole post I like to start with my résumé and a big, great THANK YOU! I had a great time spending ten-day in Lisbon, sometimes exploring alone, sometimes together with my friend. All the trips to Odessa or Sankt Petersburg were somehow similar but this time I met a whole new culture, realized that I’ve never even heard Portuguese before and would describe it as mix of Spanish words pronounced in a sometimes French or slawic way (mainly Polish). I not only once had the feeling of understanding something in Russian, only to realize soon afterwards it was Portuguese and nothing I could know. 🙂

Since my host is a big fan of films, we watched a movie nearly every evening. Sometimes something a little bit odd (like the Chinese film Detective Dee), sometimes a great Anime from Hayao Miyazaki which I enjoyed watching, by borrowing (for any not-Austrians: lending) some DVDs from a friend.

Great Food

On weekends Carlos showed me many things (going by car) and interesting places and in the evenings we had either very good Portuguese food (from something like a cantina) or we were eating in a restaurant. I never thought that fish could be cooked in such delicious ways, but the codfish tasted very good in nearly every variant. I would say that the Portuguese kitchen is great (a little bit fatty but great) and I’ll try to find a restaurant in Vienna! We also managed to eat at some Indian restaurants, which were good, but not able to hold a candle to my beloved Viennese Samrat!

Great Views

I enjoyed my walks (and also two runs along the river) in different districts of the city, even though my feet were a little bit annoyed – of the many slopes – in the evenings. As usual I preferred walking, to get a feeling of the city, but as soon as I used the metro for the first time I was excited about it. It’s like in Vienna, the veins of the city, and living next to a traffic junction, I had all the freedom of going wherever I want! I also had 3 trips outside of the city but you’ll read about them soon…

Only a handful of sunshine

Unfortunately the sun just visited once in a while and I had some days, colder than in Vienna. This was a little weird, because I left for warmth and sunshine. Anyways, the fog opened some nice views and photographical opportunities, so one has to search for luck in every condition 😉 You’ll see…

One more thing to mention was the nice view in the mornings with my pumpkin-jam bread and fresh orange juice…

Films I’ve watched:

Layer Cake, Detective Dee, Corpse Bride, Howl’s moving Castle, Spirited Away, Russian animation films (A. Petrov), Princess Mononoke

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