2012 11 – Lissabon – Trip to Cascais

Cascais (Kashkaish; Кашкаишь) is a small town, a suburb of Lisbon, just some ten miniutes away. And a place where I could imagine buying a flat or house. 😀 Very nice houses, beaches and the sea! I don’t know what to add…

I was there twice, at first in company on the first (real) day (by car) and again on the last one (by train). Going by train is marginally more expansive than using the metro (1,8€) but independent of the track and the duration of the journey (at least to Sintra or Cascais). I did some stupid (with full camera gear+tripod) rock climbing across the coast with taking a picture here and there. Even though it was a little bit dangerous, I enjoyed it very much and not only one time paused to sit down listening and watching the sea and let my mind trail of…

Should have had gone some more time visiting the sea, breathing the salty wind and watching the waves, big ships,… The ocean is freedom!

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